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Prestige Worldwide adds an event manager to Statamic! This isn't a full fledged event manager, but adds event functionality to Statamic entries. Just install the addon, select which collection to use for events, and you're good to go. This addon comes with a lot of tags so you fully customize your front-end and use the PW logic for recurring events or counting signups.

Feature list

  • Show a list of events with custom filters
  • Adds event info to the collection you choose
  • Add and show recurring events using a pattern
  • Or add a custom series of events
  • Talks to Statamic forms to count signups
  • ICS & Google calendar export for each event
  • Show all events calendar style!
  • And more! Check the docs for all tags and options

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Released December 13, 2018
Updated 11 months ago
Version 1.5.2
Downloads 441
Requires Statamic 2

Wout Mager

I'm a freelance front-end developer & webdesigner from Groningen, the Netherlands, trying to make the web better since 2000.

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