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About Prestige Worldwide

The idea of Prestige Worldwide isn't to be a full fledged event system within Statamic, but to add functionality to Statamic so you can use a collection for events.


Prestige Worldwide requires 1 thing: a Statamic collection. So create a collection before or after installing this addon. Then go to the addons page in the control panel, click on Prestige Worldwide and select the collection you want to use for your events. Each entry in this collection will be an event.

After selecting a collection you'll see an extra tab called 'Event info' on the entry page of this collection. This tab allows you to add relevant info about this event. There's info about dates, costs, location, an external url and an organizer.

You can also select which form to use for signups. And if you add a maximum number of participants PW will check if the max number of participants is reached. PW doesn't add things like titles or images, those are up to you.

Showing a list of events

Use these for a list of events. PW adds custom filters to a Statamic collection, the rest is pure Statamic. More info about collections is here.

Get all future events

In this example I'm using the Redwood partial 'block', but you'll probably want to change that to your own partial. Remove paginate="true" limit="10" as="pw_events", {{ pw_events }}, and {{ partial:pagination }} if you don't care about pagination. Change collection:blog to the collection you use for your events.

{{ collection:blog filter="prestige_world_wide" remove="past" paginate="true" limit="10" as="pw_events" }}
    {{ pw_events }}
        {{ partial:block }}
        {{ partial:pagination }}
    {{ /pw_events }}
{{ /collection:blog }}

Get all past events

{{ collection:blog filter="prestige_world_wide" remove="future" paginate="true" limit="10" as="pw_events" }}
    {{ pw_events }}
        {{ partial:block }}
        {{ partial:pagination }}
    {{ /pw_events }}
{{ /collection:blog }}

Detail page info & tags

The idea of PW is to give you the freedom to build your eventpage the way you want to. You can use the following variables and tags:


  • Start date: {{ pw_start_date }}
  • End date: {{ pw_end_date }}
  • Cost: {{ pw_costs }}
  • Location name: {{ pw_location_name }}
  • Location/address: {{ pw_location }}
  • Postal code: {{ pw_postal }}
  • City: {{ pw_city }}
  • Country code: {{ pw_country }}
  • URL: {{ pw_url }}
  • Organizer: {{ pw_organizer }}
  • Organizer email: {{ pw_organizer_email }}
  • Max participants: {{ pw_max_participants }}


Recurring dates

Get `{{ prestige_world_wide:recurring }}{{ /prestige_world_wide:recurring }}` Returns an array


{{ if pw_recurring }}
        {{ prestige_world_wide:recurring }}
        <li>{{ start format="j F Y, G:i" }} - {{ end format="j F Y, G:i" }}</li>
        {{ /prestige_world_wide:recurring }}
{{ /if }}

Number of signups

Get `{{ prestige_world_wide:participants }}` Returns a string


{{ prestige_world_wide:participants }}

If the event is full

Check `{{ if {prestige_world_wide:is_full} }}{{ /if }}` Returns true/false


{{ if {prestige_world_wide:is_full} }}
    It's full :-(
{{ else }}
    It's not full! :-D
{{ /if }}

Download ICS file

Get `{{ prestige_world_wide:icalendar }}` Returns a file


<a href="{{ prestige_world_wide:icalendar }}" download title="Download ICS file">Download ICS file</a>

Add to Google Calendar

Get `{{ prestige_world_wide:google_calendar }}` Returns a url


<a href="{{ prestige_world_wide:google_calendar }}" title="Add to Google Calendar">Google Calendar</a>

Signup form

If you selected a form you will have to add the code for that form on the event page. More info about adding a form is in the Statamic docs here. You don't have to add any extra fields for PW, it does that by itself. The only requirement is that the form must exist on the event page. You can use 1 form for all events, or use 1 form for each event. It's up to you. Wrap the form in

{{ if {prestige_world_wide:has_form} }}
    {{ if !{prestige_world_wide:is_full} }}
        {{ form:create }}{{ /form:create }}
    {{ else }}
        It's full!
    {{ /if }}
{{ /if }}

to hide it or show a message when the event is full.

One calendar to rule them all

PW generates an ical file of all entries with a pw_start_date and saves it in the Statamic cache when you save an entry. You can display a calendar of all events with this tag.

Get `{{ prestige_world_wide:calendar }}{{ /prestige_world_wide:calendar }}` Returns an array

The following variables are available: title, status, location, duration, start_date, start_time, end_time, categories and url.


start A date or just `now`
end All options available as a [date modifier](https://docs.statamic.com/modifiers/modify_date)


    {{ prestige_world_wide:calendar start=now end="+4 weeks" }}
        <strong><a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }} ({{ duration divide="60" }} minutes)</a></strong>
        {{ start_date }} {{ start_time }} - {{ end_time }} ({{ status }})
        {{ location }}
        <i>{{ categories }}</i>
    {{ /prestige_world_wide:calendar }}

Events added with Happy Dates will also be shown in the calendar!


PW can generate JSON-LD with the event information.

Get `{{ prestige_world_wide:schema }}` Returns json