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Raycast Extension, updated Antlers Toolbox, GitHub Action, and more!

A new Raycast extension to search the Statamic docs, updates to the Antlers Toolbox, a GitHub Action to format/lint your templates, and more awesome stuff!
Joshua Blum
Joshua Blum September 9th, 2022

Here’s an update on what happened in the Statamic ecosystem in the past few weeks. Some rad things from our awesome community and ourselves.

Raycast extension πŸ•ΆοΈ

Raycast, think macOS’ Spotlight on steroids, has been gaining in popularity quite a bit in the past few months. Earlier this year, an extension for searching the Laravel docs was released. Now, there is also an extension for searching the Statamic docs via Raycast, courtesy of AndrΓ© Breia from Steadfast Collective, one of our certified partner agencies.

Give the extension a try and you are even closer to searching your favorite documentation β€οΈ

Statamic's extension for Raycast in action
The mightiest of staches πŸ₯Έ

Antlers Toolbox πŸ¦Œ

Using Visual Studio Code as your editor of choice? The Antlers Toolbox from John Koster gets updated quite frequently. The most recent version not only introduced support for newly added tags and modifiers, like user_roles and user_groups but now also warns you on dynamic CSS class names.

See the Toolbox doing its magic πŸͺ„

Make your templating with Antlers a breeze and install it right from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Preferring PHP Storm over VS Code? Try out the Antlers language support plugin for it.

Not a fan of either PHP Storm or VS Code? Even Neovim now supports Antlers thanks to our very own Jesse and his contribution on GitHub.

Statamic is blazing fast and people talk about it πŸš€

A recent thread on the /r/webdev subreddit popped up asking “How is this website so fast?”. The site in question was Laravel News.

Last year’s relaunch of Laravel News included a switch to Statamic and was also mentioned in our blog. They make heavy use of our static caching feature and also wrote a summary of why they chose Statamic.

GitHub Action for Antlers formatting πŸ’…

Steadfast Collective is striking again! Duncan McClean, developer at Steadfast and one of our community heroes, released a GitHub Action that formats and lints your Antlers templates for you. Under the hood, it uses the Antlers Toolbox mentioned above. Using the Action in your project will make sure that all your templates will follow a consistent style. Even if you work on a project with multiple people, everything will be clean and tidy.

Not familiar with GitHub Actions yet? Have a look at their docs on it. It’s an awesome feature that enables you to automate all the thingsβ„’!

A warm welcome to our new partners πŸ€—

We got four new partners that joined our program in the past few weeks with one of them getting the certified status βœ….

So if you’re looking for an agency or a freelancer to help you with your project, make sure to have a look at all of our partners.

Got anything you want to share with us, like an idea or something you built? Hit our Discord or send an email to [email protected].

Interested in what we’re working on? Have a look at our (not so secret) roadmap πŸ‘€

Stay tuned for another update from us soon!

Until then, take care and build something rad! πŸ€˜

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