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Resume02 is a Statamic starter kit. A fully customizable readymade template for a resume website.

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Resume02 is a Statamic starter kit. A fully customizable readymade template for a resume website.


Presenting your skills and achievement gets simple with Resume02. Resume02 is a Statamic Starterkit, a resume website template that gives you a code-ready solution. Beautifully designed templates enhance your online presence and build trust. Resume02, creating an appealing and professional resume website, becomes effortless.

Feature List

Building a website from scratch for a resume is time-consuming. It takes exceptional experience to make a convincing and SEO-friendly design that makes you stand out.

Using Resume02, a Statamic Starerkit, you can build a resume website in no time without prior coding knowledge. Just install it and change the settings as you want to show. A ready-made template solution specifically designed to make your CV stand out and convincing. Simply fill up the details you want to share, and Resume02 is ready to launch.

Resume02 is a Statamic starter kit shows different types of details according to your preference in different blocks:

  • About me section - Present yourself in your style with β€œWhat I do!” details

  • Resume details - Education, experience, working skills and knowledge

  • Portfolio - Show your portfolio in the form of videos, web designs, Logos, Graphic designs, Blogs and articles and your client names and details

  • Your Contact details - phone number, Location, social media, and E-mail

Features Resume02 Starterkit provides?

  • The ready-made template saves your time, just adds all your resume details
  • Easy customization options
  • User-friendly and convincing interface
  • Easy to edit according to your requirements
  • No coding required anyone can use it
  • Downloadable CV option for the reader
  • 2 Different layouts with Day and night mode
  • Easy contact us Detail form for effortless inquiries
  • Portfolio details with all client details

Quick Start

1. Create a new site

You can create a new site using the Statamic CLI Tool:

statamic new your-site acquaint-softtech/resume02

Or you can install manually into a fresh Statamic installation by running:

php please starter-kit:install acquaint-softtech/resume02 --clear-site

2. Make a new user

The above installers should prompt you to make a user, but you can also run php please make:user. You'll want it to be a super so you have access to everything.

3. Recompile the CSS

The TailwindCSS included in this kit is compiled and purged to reduce filesize on any unused classes and selectors. If you want to modify anything, just recompile it.

npm i && npm run dev

To compile for production again:

npm run build

Read the docs on the Documentation

Bugs πŸ› Issues 🚧 Feature Request πŸ’‘

If you find a bug, are stuck, or need help, do not hesitate to contact Acquaint Softtech for support. In the case where you have additional development requirements or need to add a new feature, you can hire Statamic developers.


This innovative Resume Starter Kit results from the creativity of the highly experienced Statamic developers at Acquaint Softtech. As an official Laravel Partner, we have a highly experienced team working on innovative Statamic projects. Get in touch with us for your next Statamic or Laravel project.