Simple Commerce - Starter Kit

Starter Kit by Duncan McClean

Simple Commerce - Starter Kit Main Screenshot

Starter Kit for Simple Commerce - the easiest way to build custom e-commerce stores with Statamic

Inspired by Peak, the Simple Commerce Starter Kit is a great starting point to build bespoke e-commerce sites.

You can either build on top of the Starter Kit or use it as reference for your project. It includes a full checkout flow, including shipping selection, payment via on-site & off-site gateways.

Please remember to purchase a license from the Statamic Marketplace before using Simple Commerce in production.


  • Minimal design
  • Step by step checkout process
  • Built with TailwindCSS and Alpine.js
  • Demonstrates Simple Commerce functionality
  • Supports both standalone and variant products
  • Includes basic product filtering

Quick Start

You can quickly create a new site using the Statamic CLI.

statamic new artisan-bakery duncanmcclean/sc-starter-kit

And that should be you setup! 🎉

Front-end stack

Tailwind CSS & Alpine.js are used out-of-the-box but feel free to change them out if you're more comfortable with something else. For building CSS & JS, this starter kit uses Vite. It's configured to compile one CSS file and one JS file.

  • resources/css/site.css -> public/css/site.css
  • resources/js/site.js -> public/js/site.js

There's also a few commands you can run to compile your assets for various environments.

  • npm run dev - runs a local watcher
  • npm run build - to build your CSS & JavaScript, ready for production

Inspired by Peak

Parts of the Simple Commerce Starter Kit have been inspired/borrowed from the popular Peak starter kit. If you're not familiar with Peak, I'd highly recommend checking it out.

If you want to use all the features in Peak, you should install the Peak Starter Kit first, then install Simple Commerce on top.

For more information on using Simple Commerce, please review the Simple Commerce documentation.