Starter Kit by Jonathan Malko

Acorns Main Screenshot

Page builder fieldsets that follow a row/column pattern. Sane defaults, able to adjust background colors and images, row padding.

  • Dec 2023 - Major rewrite, no dependencies. Use what you like for CSS and JS, still get the rows. *

This is a starting point for custom projects and will be updated over time. The intent is not to make this a complete package, but to skip the slog of making a typical row/columns page builder.

Includes what is needed to have a row fieldset that supports between 1 and 12 columns. Each row and each column have controls over the background color, image, and a background image's opacity, as well as row padding.

These are sane defaults for building pages with an arbitrary row/column structure.

CSS Features

No longer dependent on Tailwind.

Scoped CSS now in play. It is vanilla CSS with the ability to scope by using me { } in order to reference the current div.


  • You must have an Assets container defined as "assets"
  • In your front end template, replace your typical {{ content }} tag with {{ partial src="acorns/rows" }}


Made by Jonathan Malko at - find me on the Statamic discord or email me at [email protected] with any questions or requests!