Archimedes LMS

Starter Kit by Jonathan Malko

Archimedes LMS Main Screenshot

An LMS starter kit - start building online courses today

Under heavy development - MVP functionality before July 2023

This is a starting point for a website that builds and serves online courses. This is the free version to get you started on your LMS project. Data tracking, eCommerce, cohorts, and enterprise integrations will be made available seperately at a cost, coming soon.

Depends on Acorns Starter Kit, will always pull the latest Acorns code and configurations.

Near-term Roadmap

  • [x] Add Course/Module/Lesson/Question fieldsets
  • [x] Add Instructor fieldsets
  • [ ] Add views for courses
  • [ ] Add views for instructors
  • [ ] Add login/logout/forgot views
  • [ ] Add actual video view tracking
  • [ ] Add basic reporting


Coming soon.


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Made by Jonathan Malko at - find me on the Statamic discord or email me at [email protected] with any questions or requests!