Starter Kit by John Koster

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Tidal is a free, open-source, documentation-focused starter kit for Statamic. Tidal supports multiple projects, and multiple versions per-project.

Tidal is a free, open-source, documentation-focused starter kit for Statamic. Tidal is designed for developers who want a simple way to host documentation for their projects using Statamic.

Tidal ships with support for

  • Multiple projects: Host documentation for multiple projects from a single Statamic installation
  • Multiple project versions: Tidal supports multiple documentation versions per project

The Tidal starter kit is intended as starting point for a single site environment. If you need to use Statamic's multi-site feature in conjunction with Tidal, you should use the Tidal Mutli-site starter kit instead.

How it works

Projects are created and managed from a single "Software Projects" collection; versions can be added to existing projects using the provided utility command. Each version's documentation is managed its own collection, allowing for greater flexibility and organization.

Other bells and whistles

In addition to providing a framework for managing your software projects and documentation, Tidal also ships with the following additional addons configured out-of-the-box:

  1. Some Social Media Image Kit features, such as generating images on a queue and preventing duplicate image generation jobs require a database. These features are disabled by default; these features can run on SQLite; your entire site does not need to use a database.. The default HTML to image generator utilizes Spatie's Browsershot library, which requires Puppeteer. Due to the large amount of variability in systems, support for installing, configuring and maintaining Browsershot and Puppeteer is not offered.
  2. Site Essentials for Statamic provides a favicon generation feature, which is utilized by Tidal. This feature requires Imagick to be available.
  3. Search Report for Statamic requires a database to store search logs in. This feature is disabled by default. Search Report for Statamic can run on SQLite; your entire site does not need to use a database.
  4. Documentation Search is a custom search provider with unique templating requirements compared to a typical Statamic search index. These changes have been made within the Tidal starter kit.

Quick start guide

Use the following steps to quickly get Tidal up and running.

First, install Tidal using the Statamic CLI tool:

statamic new mysite Stillat/tidal

After installation, run the following commands to install and build the front-end assets:

npm install
npm run build

Run your project locally your preferred method.

Other details

A few quick things for the curious:

  • Minimum Statamic version: 4.38
  • Minimum PHP version: 8.2
  • Front-end build tool: Vite
  • Alpine.js version: ^3.13.1
  • Tailwind CSS version: ^3.3.2


Tidal is open-source software, released under the GPL-3.0 license.