Addon by Michael Aerni

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Easily navigate to your shared Fathom site Statamic's control panel

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This addon adds a link to the sidebar of the Statamic control panel to easily navigate to your shared Fathom site.


Install the addon using Composer.

composer require aerni/fathom


The following config will be automatically pubslished to config/fathom.php during the installation process.

return [

    | Shared Site Link
    | This is the shared site link provided by Fathom.
    | The Fathom docs: https://usefathom.com/support/sharing

    'link' => env('FATHOM_LINK', 'https://app.usefathom.com/share/yourSharedLink'),


Basic Usage

  1. Add the link of your shared Fathom site to the config.
  2. A new Fathom link will be added to the Tools section in the Statamic control panel. This link takes you to the shared Fathom site.

Special Thanks

Thanks to visuellverstehen for the work on Statamic Plausible. This addon is pretty much copy-paste.