A starter theme for Statamic with Laravel Mix and Tailwind CSS

Freebird is a theme boilerplate with Tailwind 1.0, and a familiar Laravel Mix build system. It allows you to get your next custom theme up and running quickly with familiar build tools and sensible configuration defaults.

The theme is usable, but new, so feature requests are certainly welcome!


  1. Get a statamic site up and running with your preferred method
  2. Download Freebird into your site/themes folder
    • or clone from github with git clone --depth=1
  3. Set Freebird to the active theme under Settings => Theming in the control panel, or in the site/settings/theming.yaml file.
  4. Install dependencies with npm install and build assets with npm run dev
  5. Check out your site! Feel free to delete the home.html template and build your theme as you see fit!

Building Your Theme

The theme assets are all within the resources folder.

Freebird configures primary-* classes for Tailwind and sets them to purple by default. These classes are especially useful when building your own design system. This can be easily changed in the tailwind.config.js file. You may also add your own tailwind config!


By default, the css/freebird.css and css/freebird.js files are not kept in version control. When deploying a project built with Freebird, you have two options:

  1. (recommended) You can run npm run prod when you deploy to build fresh assets


  1. You can put those files in version control by editing the .gitignore


This project is new, pull requests, ideas, and any feedback is certainly welcome!

Please open a github issue if you have something to say.

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Released April 16, 2019
Updated 10 months ago
Version 1.1.1
Downloads 665
Requires Statamic 2.0

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