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February Roundup

Jack McDade
Jack McDade March 3rd, 2021

Here’s a look at some of the best Statamic stuff created by the community in February. There’s some really good stuff this past month.


New Addons

Plausible by Visuellverstehen adds a link to the sidebar of the control panel to easily navigate to your Plausible Analytics site.

Fathom by Michael Aerni adds a link to the sidebar of the control panel to easily navigate to your Fathom site.

Plausible Analytics by Jack Whiting pulls your analytics right into the dashboard.

YumYum from Duncan McClean (aka Double Three Digital) lets you import entries and taxonomies from RSS and JSON feeds. It costs $29 and will easily save you 10x that much in time saved alone.

Table on Steroids for v3 by Goellner is a fieldtype that lets you paste CSV data right into a table. It’s super slick and costs a mere $10.

Bard Text Color by Mosteanu Bogdan-Mihai is a little free addon for Bard that lets you change text color.

Dynamic Cache from the prolific Michael Aerni gives dynamic super powers to fully static caching allowing you to use forms, sort="random" and other super useful things without losing the benefits of that full caching mode.

Events by Transform Studios allows you to create a calendar of events or list the next few upcoming events. This also includes the ability to create recurring events, which is pretty awesome.

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